18 March 2009

The war on law-abiding citizens

"But, but, but... going after actual criminals is soooooo hard."


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...a fair fight.

During their investigation into the shooting, officers also arrested a man in the area who was wearing a bulletproof vest. He was released from custody and no charges have been laid.

It is not illegal to wear body armour, but Toronto police Det. Derek Young told CBC News that the people officers encounter who are wearing bulletproof vests are usually involved in illegal activities such as drug dealing.


Rural and Right said...

Freakin' un believable! Even Al-Qaeda is probably now liking Obama and thinking once again about hijacking American planes.
Yes we can, Osama, Yes we can!

Neo Conservative said...

i guess obama felt he had to do this... after finding out that airline pilots caused all those thousands of de... wait a minute...


Rose said...

How does one say terrorist sympathizer? Appeaser and enabler? Box cutters slit the throats of pilots but that's okay a pilot shouldn't be allowed to shoot his assailant now should he it's not the civilized socialist thing to do.

Neo Conservative said...

planes are targets.

the current air marshall program covers 3% of the flights.

this one is a no-brainer... especially in the u.s. where concealed carry is an option in so many states.