18 March 2009

Mayor Miller's office strangely silent...

...on which gun, er... fencing club they belong to...

Toronto police are looking for as many as a dozen youths involved in a series of gang swarming attacks in and around the city's Annex neighbourhood, including one stabbing that sent a man to hospital for emergency surgery.

Police said in all of the cases, a group of six to 12 young males surrounded a person and demanded cash or items such as iPods.

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Three Toronto men, Kush Walker-King, 20, Christopher Abbott, 33, and Lanri Watson, 25, face a laundry list of charges including attempted murder, robbery and unauthorized firearm possession.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't it get boring using the same joke over and over(and over)We get it already

robins111 said...

I don't find it boring, I find it so funny I almost piss myself every time he say's it.

But I guess you have to be a Neocon to understand.

Or allow for the fact that Miller has made such a fool of himself with his socialist agenda, that he's comic relief for most Canadians, outside Toronto of course.

Troll alert Neo

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny-mouse says... Doesn't it get boring using the same joke"

well, to be perfectly honest, i'm less amused than appalled.

the real question here is... why aren't you?


Rose said...

I blame the beige people, who those beige people are I'm not sure but some dog talks about them incessantly. He doesn't like beige people why should I?

Neo Conservative said...

well, rose... again, it's about culture... not pigmentation.

a culture that sees violence as a solution.

a culture that abhors personal responsibility.

a culture that sees "law and order" as the enemy.

and if your kids are immersed in it... it could swallow them up too.

i'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous said: Its the drip, drip effect - you know water torture test - eventually the drip becomes a sledge hammer inside your head and then boom, you explode and actually do something. The ridiculous nanny statists think these miscreants are victims and need to be understood. A little understanding in a dentention centre will make more of an impression than social workers and basketball courts. I nominate David Miller to be the warden and guide these yobs with sensitive caring and group therapy. Trust me he's not tough enough and they will shive him without a qualm.