31 March 2009

Climbing down from Conficker panic

If you've used Microsoft update in the last 6 months... apparently, you're gonna be fine...

"This is the electronic equivalent of being told there is a major storm that has a 20 percent chance of hitting."

"It's not time to hide in the bunker. But it might be prudent to look out the window."
It seems Microsoft put out a patch for the Conficker Worm last October. Unless you totally ignore updating your operating system, you're already protected.

Part of the danger inherent in this threat is that it won't allow you to connect to Windows Update and various anti-virus manufacturers.

If you can connect and update... you're good to go.

More here and here.



coffee maker said...

even if someone used Conficker to steal my credit card info, there wouldn't be any credit there for them to exploit or spend