24 March 2009

Puffin King, Chicken Dinner

Swear an oath of eternal fealty... and I hear he'll bless your livestock...

For $1,100, you can talk to Michael Ignatieff at a cocktail reception and then sit really close to him at the dinner that follows. Pay $500 and all you get is the rubber chicken.

This latest Grit tactic is being employed for the Leader's Dinner, a major Liberal Party fundraiser being held at the swank Fairmont Royal York hotel in Toronto on April 1.
And you've just gotta love the "On Probation" website thing.

Ignatieff knuckles under on the Conservative budget... exactly like his "now disappeared" predecessor... and then tries to spin it like he's holding the government's feet to the fire.

What change are we talkin' about here? This is simply more fiberal smoke and mirrors.


"Iggy is still asking Liberals to donate the maximum $1,100 to the Liberal Party AND another $1,100 to the Ignatieff leadership fund - $2,200 total."

"Wait! Ignatieff has a leadership fund? Isn’t he running uncontested?"

"Why does this fund still exist?"


Platty said...

Whatever they are serving for the main course, it will not matter, you will still leave feeling empty.

Especially if you want to sit with Mr. Isnotienuff


Michael Harkov said...

So let me get this straight. No one is running against Iggy in the upcoming Liberal convention. He will be coronated as Liberal leader without debate or contest. Iggy has paid off all his leadership debts already.


Iggy is still asking Liberals to donate the maximum $1,100 to the Liberal Party AND another $1,100 to the Ignatieff leadership fund - $2,200 total.

Wait! Ignatieff has a leadership fund? Isn’t he running uncontested? Why does this fund still exist?

Ignatieff’s leadership fund, designed to finance the contesting of the leadership of the Liberal Party, will be transferred over in its entirety to the Liberal Party of Canada if it is not used (it won’t be used - there is no Ignatieff debt and no leadership contest) within 2 months.

Therefore, Iggy wants Liberals to fund a race that has already been won. Well, that is convenient, isn’t it?

This loophole allows a double donation to the Liberal Party. If all donations are $2,200 to Iggy and the LPC, the Canadian taxpayer is on the hook for funding $1,650 (at 75% rebate) of that money each and every time it is done. Your tax dollars at work - funding a Liberal race that has already been decided. And where is the MSM? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Money in, money out; money in, money out; in out, in out; where is Elections Canada?

Neo Conservative said...

"platty says... it will not matter, you will still leave feeling empty."

that's the problem with a socialist snackfest... you leave the table and half an hour later... once again, you're hungry for power."

and michael... interesting point.

where is elections canada?


prairie dog said...

Nice...I don't even get to hang out with 'the count' but I get to help out the liberanos with some of my hard earned taxed cash!

Neo Conservative said...

"prairie dog says... I get to help out the liberanos"

just pony up toots... and then "fugedaboudit".

you know how this thing works.


Michael Harkov said...

Well Prarie Dog, you've already done that via the Sponsorship Scandal/Adscam already.

During the Gomery inquiry into the sponsorship scandal, Cote testified that he received $120,000 in $100 bills from the executive director of the party's Quebec wing. He distributed that money to 12 Liberal candidates in the 1997 federal election. Have the identities of those Liberal MPs ever been brought to light? Are they MPs today?

Philanthropist said...

On probation after their sentences for theft is what Liberals should be looking forward to, but Liberals never did get convicted for their crimes.

Liberals stole millions of dollars from Canadians and got away with it completely. If a politician has a Conservative label, the media will keep chasing them down for years, alleging crimes were committed, but when everyone agrees that Liberals stole millions of dollars - media just let it go! Partisan hypocrites.