18 March 2009

Despite all the cheering...

...from the leftosphere, the situation in Afghanistan is hardly as dark as you might think...

The idea that Kabul is under siege is a figment of the news media's imagination based on hyped reporting of a few isolated attacks.

ISAF officers suggested to us that the recent insurgent raids on three government buildings, which generated so much negative publicity, were actually good news, because Afghan security forces, who have assumed lead responsibility for operations in much of the capital, were able to handle the crisis on their own.
That, of course, is the real measure of progress in what so recently was a medieval theocracy.
Commandos from the Afghan National Police Crisis Response Team stormed into the Justice Ministry within hours and killed all the attackers, who had hoped to carry out a protracted Mumbai-style siege.

Other would-be suicide bombers were rounded up before they could set off their explosives.


Rose said...

A dark day for the left, a good news story is not acceptable if only the suicide bomber was quicker on the draw or would that be switch?

Anonymous said...

Not at all that difficult to wonder why: there is no story in Iraq any more, so all the journos went to Afghanistan...where there are few stories as well.

If it bleeds, it leads...

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... If it bleeds, it leads"

or hey... even if it doesn't.