05 March 2009

So, you scoop up Mr Crazypants...

...and take him to Psych-Central... and everybody lives happily ever after, right?

Well... not exactly.

More bad news for everybody who's counting on Big Brother to keep them safe from harm...
The orders started as general advice, but gradually morphed into more bizarre instructions – buy land he couldn't afford in Thompson, Man., travel to Toronto for work, and dispose of all his personal belongings, according to a psychiatric report released Wednesday in the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench.
Apparently... three and a half years ago... the cops had brought now infamous decapitator-of-strangers Vincent Li to a Toronto hospital, where he was supposed to be on a 14 day psych-hold while he got his head read. It seems that ol' Vince had other plans and just meandered away.
“If he was still under certificate and it was thought that he might harm himself or others, the doctors can call the police,” Dr. Hucker said.

“But there is always that tension between the rights of the individual and the rights of the rest of us.”
Hey doc... what about Tim McLean's rights?


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LAST WORD: The Solomonic "never guilty" verdict
The review board has the power to keep Li locked up indefinitely or, if he is no longer considered a risk, discharge him.
You mean... like last time?