10 March 2009

It seems I get an awful lot of flak...

...and admittedly, traffic... simply by pointing out the urban mayhem in Toronto.

As an ex-Hogtown native (I lived in Don Mills for the first 10 years of my life and worked there for all but a decade until I hit 40) I do know a few things about the way the city has evolved.

We made a conscious decision to leave Toronto when it came time to enroll my son in school. To be honest, every time I hear about stuff like this, I quietly congratulate myself on that decision.

The first incident occurred in the Jane St. and Woolner Ave. area around 8 p.m., where a 36-year-old man was shot at least twice in the back as he was getting into a taxi cab. The cab driver, who was reportedly shaken, let him out a few blocks away.

In the east end, neighbours were shaken after a bullet pierced through the living room wall of a townhouse complex. Police responded to calls of several gunshots on Ladysbridge Ave., near Lawrence and Kingston Rd. after 9:15 p.m.
Now, Dawg and Red Tory and Canadian Cynic will no doubt trot out their hoary old accusations of racism. It's what the left does when they can't argue on the facts.

It's what BCL and Special K did recently with Kathy Shaidle.

The fact is though, all that self-righteous ranting and finger-pointing isn't going to change the fact that there will be hundreds of similar shooting incidents this year.

It's sad... but it is factual.

Just don't tell that to the lunatic left.


UPDATE: And right on time...

...Vancouver gets back on the board...
Two people are lying dead inside a second story apartment at 1412 East 41st Avenue after an apparent shooting early Tuesday morning, according to reports.

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"Angry responses from the left in the comments help me to realize that I shouldn't be so flippant."

"It's just that with access to 5 sections of mixed bush/farmland and a lifetime's supply of 30-30 shells, the words 'impending economic collapse' stir the same sort of emotional response around here as 'longer hunting season'."


robins111 said...

I wouldn't worry too much about the flak Neo, You have their attention when you print the truth.

However sometimes the truth hurts, but they need to face facts, the big smoke has turned into hell on earth, and Mare Dave seems to be the leader of it's fall.

Neo Conservative said...

i guess my take on this one is... you don't fix a problem by turning the other way... or burying your head in the sand.

and all the politically correctness is just costing more young lives.

as kathy shaidle has said... "the tyranny of nice".


liberal supporter said...
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Neo Conservative said...

poor sad little libbysupp... another dozen pathetic trolls down the toilet again today.

-- deleted --


ddt said...

Not many white faces around Jane and Woolner. The place has been a slum for decades.

Neo Conservative said...

rather than focusing on skin pigmentation... it might be more helpful to acknowledge the culture of violence and the lack of personal responsibility that pervades these areas.

it isn't about race... it's about culture.


Philanthropist said...

We're not allowed to say 'our' culture is better than 'their' culture, so even if people die violently and often, it doesn't seem to be a problem in their culture, so perhaps there's nothing to fix.

Neo Conservative said...

"philanthropist says... perhaps there's nothing to fix."

you could ask, say... the families of the murdered men.

they might beg to differ.