09 May 2007

You can tell it's a dumbed down...

Piece of crap... when it passes the smell test for viewing in France...

The French will soon be watching some homespun Canadiana – the quirky CBC-TV comedy Little Mosque on the Prairie.
I watched the first episode of this oinker solely on the basis of the massive media buzz.

God help us all, if this is how other countries come to see Canada.

Another politically correct fairy tale by the CBC


UPDATE: Here's a plot line you'll never see
In a "disturbing" attack caught on surveillance video, a man attacked another man with a kitchen knife on the doorstep of a downtown Toronto mosque Tuesday evening before turning the knife on himself, police say.

Before anyone gets on "my racist ass"...

You know... about how this crime could have been committed by some totally unconnected infidel passers-by...
Mafas Hashem has been charged with: Attempted murder; Assault with a weapon; Weapons dangerous; and Carrying a concealed weapon.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no, don't tell me the "Littlest Hobo" wasn't a actual dog that could read minds and new all the Highway routes in canada.

Please don't even hint at Howard The Turtle being fake, Alan Hamel
would never lie to me or my Sister who was on Razzle-Dazzle in the peanut gallery with pom-poms .

Neo Conservative said...

obviously canadian-made tv has been in the crapper for a while now.

if i see the teaser for ctv's made for tv propaganda about "the killer whale that's really a dead indian chief", just one more time... i swear i'm gonna puke.

how about an aboriginal reality series set in toronto... call it... "survivor: queen st. strip"