14 May 2007

If AIDS drug regimes are covered...

Why are cancer patients left out in the cold?

-- TORONTO -- A group of cancer patients angry over the massive out-of-pocket expenses they pay for unfunded treatments stood up and turned their backs on Health Minister George Smitherman on Saturday as he spoke about his government's commitment to medicare.

The protesters wore shirts bearing the slogans “Cancer patients need a credit card” and “Where did medicare go?” at a groundbreaking ceremony for a new home for patients with terminal illnesses at Toronto's Trillium Health Centre.

Protest organizer Roman Gawur said Ontario ranks ninth out of ten provinces for the amount of funding it puts toward cancer drugs.
Or is that not a fair question to ask a homosexual Health Minister?

Talkin' outta his ass yet again.

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Anonymous said...

What kind of tactic is it to turn your back to a homosexual? Smitherman, uberjackass that he is, probably got boned up in his trousers and took it as a compliment.