14 May 2007

Selling out Deseronto

Wanna buy a house really, really cheap?

-- Local News - Monday, May 14, 2007 @ 10:00 -- Deseronto council is getting a hard lesson in how much say it has in land claim negotiations that impact more than half their town - the answer is not much.

Negotiations between the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (MBQ) and the federal government are ongoing and impact future ownership of about 60 per cent of the town.

But council has no spot at the negotiating table, even as an observer, and there are still holes in the information it receives, said Coun. Edgar Tumak.
So what is actually happening to their town?

Neither town council or non-aboriginal residents have any access to that information. Many residents are worried that their largest lifetime investment, their homes... will be handed over in the deal.
Among the documents requested was a copy of the federal government's research and findings that authorized the land claim negotiations to commence.

If the claim is valid, he said, the analysis should be a public document.

To date, council has also never seen the policy or procedure that shows it cannot be represented at the negotiating table, Tumak said.

"It's nice for the government to say we represent all Canadians, but do they really represent all Canadians if the elected government of a group of people cannot participate?" he asked.

Council should get used to feeling out of the loop, said Craig Grice, a Haldimand County councillor who represents the Caledonia ward.

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Our blockade will start at 8 a.m. If readers are interested in reading the literature we are preparing to hand out that day, please be advised to come as early as possible, as I suspect that not being aboriginals, we will all be arrested by the RCMP by about 8:10 a.m.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a job for McGuinty or Ramsay since municipalities like Deseronto are a creation of the province and not the Constitution of Canada. Oh that's right, Ontario has no role to play in land claims. I forgot.

Mike said...

What was it ....$6000 ...the maximum compensation Dalton gave to the homeowners around Caledonia ??

Uh.. I'd be just a little worried too ...

Neo Conservative said...

"mike said...Uh.. I'd be just a little worried too ..."

not a bad gig for a fiberal friend though... jane stewart was making $6500 a week for negotiating something or other...


Mike said...

Expect to see more rail line action in Deseronto ... but of a different sort....

The Mohawks have shown the vulnerability of a major trade corridor for people and material.

There's even a how-to video ...

A simple piece of copper wire, for example 8 feet of uninsulated stranded 3AWG ground wire (wiring for main service panels in a house, or science experiments) can stop thousands of tonnes of train traffic.

Neo Conservative said...

"mike said... A simple piece of copper wire"

so the campaign of homegrown terror is upon us... no real surprise there, huh?


Mike said...

Saga's been at it again

Check out the wisdom this time :

'I have no idea who posted this video, but I think it was likely the RCMP. Just doing their job, because heck there are going to be all these blockades this summer and for sure somebody's going to get hurt. Good of the RCMP to show a safe way to do it! A public service, I say.

Neo Conservative said...

"Mike said... Saga's been at it again"

well... it could have been worse... at least saga didn't have the rcmp derailing the trains this time.