24 May 2007

Whatever you do...

Don't use the "R" word...

Another young black man is shot to death -- just east of the notorious Jane-Finch corridor -- but magically, the mainstream media goes out of its way to whitewash the reporting.

"But how is race relevant?"
, cry the loony leftbots.

Apart from this being just the latest in an epidemic of murders of young black men in Toronto? Well, let me tell you.

The Globe & Mail makes reference to the location of C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute, one paragraph referring to the proximity of the infamous Jane-Finch killing fields... but god forbid you directly connect any young black men with this self-destructive, too-often homicidal gang culture.

It is located a few blocks west of the Jane-Finch neighbourhood, where residents have long endured violent outbreaks of street crime.

Bloods are associated with the area south of Finch, known as down-bottom, and the housing complexes at Firgrove and Driftwood Lane. Crips are associated with Shoreham Court, Driftwood Court and other areas north of Finch.
I guess we're supposed to nudge, nudge, wink, wink... read between the lines.

The absolutely undeniable fact here, is that it isn't roving gangs of Jewish boys, or offspring of Anglo-Saxon immigrants, or even the admittedly macho sons of Italy who have declared war on each other in Toronto the formerly Good.

It is overwhelmingly a problem in Toronto's black community.

And even if the shooter in this case turned out to be whitebread John Doe -- until the black community admits they have a horrendously serious issue with this sub-culture of warlord offspring -- it is these very same children that remain in the cross-hairs.

And, of course, innocent bystanders like Jane Creba.


RELATED: David Miller's latest lie
“We absolutely have to get the guns off the streets. It’s going to require some changes to our laws but it has to be done.”
See, David... that's just it.

Under Canadian law, handguns have been restricted weapons that required registration since the 1930's.

You've had the law all along... what's lacking here is moral courage and the political will to enforce it.

But for goodness sake, don't say anything about the statistically mind-boggling percentage of shooters and victims from the black community.



UPDATE: Miller story above disappears

I guess David Miller realised that calling for guns to be "more illegal" today than they were yesterday... was a pretty stupid move.

He has now decided that he can solve the epidemic of gun violence in "certain communities" in Toronto by announcing that Toronto should be a gun-free zone.

Yeah, that'll fix it... let's announce that drug abuse, poverty, promiscuity and parental neglect will be banned too.

John Tory comes closest to actually saying anything about the racial element to the majority of the Toronto shootings...
"Like many people, I grew up in a time where the notion of a school lockdown was a foreign one. Now it seems like they're almost common place."
Well, John... maybe in Scarborough and the Jane-Finch warzone.

No murdered teenagers in my neighbourhood

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Canadi-anna said...

For some people, a maximum 3-5 in kiddie jail might be worth it to kill someone. Until sentences are a factor in deterrence no amount of gun prohibition is going to make a difference.

CTV showed the boy's family learning about his death. It was horrible. We don't send our kids to school for this.

Alistair Macfarlane said...

Neo.....the link seems to have changed.


Anonymous said...

My favourite part:Miller said that handguns are stolen from weapons collectors and used in crimes.
He said in addition to banning handguns, Ottawa needs to get tough with the United States to stop the flow of pistols and revolvers from that country.
"We have to say with a strong collective voice, that has to end. It's just not acceptable for these U.S. guns to come up here and be used in crimes," Miller said. "It's not acceptable for the guns of collectors to be used in crimes."

How many times have we heard that nonsense.What an idiot Miller is.

Anonymous said...

It's not even the will to enforce it. It's due to the fact that a life in Canada is cheap. A 'young' murderer spends a few years behind bars - that's it. And while they are doing time, they've improved their living conditions. So what is the disincentive for these people when they kill? There is none.

Take away the demand for guns by criminals, and the supply of guns will dry up on it's own. You won't need legislation to 'ban' something that is already effectively banned.

Neo Conservative said...

" Alistair Macfarlane said... Neo.....the link seems to have changed."

thx alistair, but it's more like buried... the new story loses the quote entirely.

i've updated the post to reflect that...

"I guess David Miller realised that calling for guns to be "more illegal" today than they were yesterday... was a pretty stupid move."


Anonymous said...

It has been illegal to carry a handgun since 1934 in Ontario, the law should be changed to make it illegal to carry handguns since 1834 - this extra 100 hundred years of illegality would solve everything.

Neo Conservative said...

gotta love the liberal logic here... you can stop murderers by making handguns illegal... "i'm willing to kill somebody... but no way i'll carry an illegal gun."

of course... handguns have been restricted and registered for the last 70 years... but it's not like miller makes sense at the best of times.

let's profile the product... not, for goodness sake, the shooters.


Alistair Macfarlane said...

My MP is Jack Layton.My Mayor is David Miller.
I really gotta move......

Alistair Macfarlane said...

On another note,it's starting to get like the UK.
Let's just ban stuff.Hasn't worked there,won't work here.Miller and Dolton always like to blame the US for our problems.For seemingly educated men,they sure are stupid.

Anonymous said...

An innocent 15 yr girl was shot dead downtown Toronto the day after Christmas in 2005.

Politicians & public cried 'now's the time to change the laws...& for sure this time'

ONE & A HALF YEARS LATER, an innocent 15 yr boy is shot dead in the hallway of his own school in the Toronto area.

Still no change in the laws, & gun violence continues.

The maintenance manager of my own apartment (4 blocks away from the boxing day shooting) actually threatens to shoot me. The police at 51 Division dismiss it. The courts at College Park (3 blocks away from the boxing day shooting) dismiss it.

It's best I make no further comment. And yes, I take this VERY seriously. Tell me what 'you' think.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... Still no change in the laws, & gun violence continues."

it's been against the law to possess, never mind shoot, a restricted unregistered handgun for over 70 years in ontario.

it's against the law to murder someone.

david miller is talkin' through his ass again... no new law will make this more illegal than it already is.

the two billion dollar farmer bob rifle registry was all about disarming farmers and hunters... not about fighting crime.

the conservatives are trying to toughen up sentences for gun crimes, but the fiberals are fighting them on this.

if you're concerned about this issue, get everyone you know to vote conservative... or learn to live with it.


Anonymous said...

Wait a second.

I thought the answer was to just get more guns in people's hands.

That's what all the cons were saying was the solution at Virginia Tech and Columbine. Let the kids shoot back.

And you call liberal dumb.

By the way, crime under liberal crime laws continues its decades long plummet. Toronto is safer now than when John Tory was a kid. Lock downs are "common place"? Name me another lock down this year. Idiots all of them.

Neo Conservative said...

"Anonymous said... "crime under liberal crime laws continues its decades long plummet."

Funny that's not what Statistics Canada says...

Canada's national crime rate, based on incidents reported to police, fell 5% last year — despite increases in serious crimes such as homicide, attempted murder, serious assaults and robbery.

Declines in non-violent offences such as counterfeiting, break-ins and auto thefts accounted for most of the decline in the crime rate, which fell in every province and territory.

With 10 more homicides in 2005 than in 2004, Toronto's homicide rate increased 9%. Toronto's rate of 2.0 homicides per 100,000 population ranked in the middle of Canada's nine largest CMAs.

i'm sure they just love these "once upon a time" anecdotal fantasies over at liblogs and rabble... why not stay in the shallow end and keep on foolin' yourself?

there's your happy ending.