24 May 2007

Whatever you do...

Don't use the "R" word...

Another young black man is shot to death -- just east of the notorious Jane-Finch corridor -- but magically, the mainstream media goes out of its way to whitewash the reporting.

"But how is race relevant?"
, cry the loony leftbots.

Apart from this being just the latest in an epidemic of murders of young black men in Toronto? Well, let me tell you.

The Globe & Mail makes reference to the location of C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute, one paragraph referring to the proximity of the infamous Jane-Finch killing fields... but god forbid you directly connect any young black men with this self-destructive, too-often homicidal gang culture.
It is located a few blocks west of the Jane-Finch neighbourhood, where residents have long endured violent outbreaks of street crime.

Bloods are associated with the area south of Finch, known as down-bottom, and the housing complexes at Firgrove and Driftwood Lane. Crips are associated with Shoreham Court, Driftwood Court and other areas north of Finch.
I guess we're supposed to nudge, nudge, wink, wink... read between the lines.

The absolutely undeniable fact here, is that it isn't roving gangs of Jewish boys, or offspring of Anglo-Saxon immigrants, or even the admittedly macho sons of Italy who have declared war on each other in Toronto the formerly Good.

It is overwhelmingly a problem in Toronto's black community.

And even if the shooter in this case turned out to be whitebread John Doe -- until the black community admits they have a horrendously serious issue with this sub-culture of warlord offspring -- it is these very same children that remain in the cross-hairs.

And, of course, innocent bystanders like Jane Creba.


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“We absolutely have to get the guns off the streets. It’s going to require some changes to our laws but it has to be done.”
See, David... that's just it.

Under Canadian law, handguns have been restricted weapons that required registration since the 1930's.

You've had the law all along... what's lacking here is moral courage and the political will to enforce it.

But for goodness sake, don't say anything about the statistically mind-boggling percentage of shooters and victims from the black community.



UPDATE: Miller story above disappears

I guess David Miller realised that calling for guns to be "more illegal" today than they were yesterday... was a pretty stupid move.

He has now decided that he can solve the epidemic of gun violence in "certain communities" in Toronto by announcing that Toronto should be a gun-free zone.

Yeah, that'll fix it... let's announce that drug abuse, poverty, promiscuity and parental neglect will be banned too.

John Tory comes closest to actually saying anything about the racial element to the majority of the Toronto shootings...
"Like many people, I grew up in a time where the notion of a school lockdown was a foreign one. Now it seems like they're almost common place."
Well, John... maybe in Scarborough and the Jane-Finch warzone.

No murdered teenagers in my neighbourhood

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