28 May 2007


This, dare I say it, is a pretty cool development...

Turning science fiction into science fact, American doctors are preparing to chill volunteers into a state of suspended animation that could keep them asleep for months.

Medical teams in Los Angeles, Boston and Pittsburgh are racing to become the first to test out new theories of “induced hibernation” which could save lives and also help to send man towards the stars.

“You start with 20 minutes and then find the limits – days, weeks, months, we do not yet know,” said a UCLA medical school researcher.
This puts me in mind of one of the most persistent themes in science fiction... the wealthy, terminally ill entrepreneur/adventurer who has himself frozen... until, some time in the future, he can be thawed out and cured.

I'm gettin' goosebumps thinkin' about it.

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Shane said...

Umm... who's going to test this?

Neo Conservative said...

hell, if i found out i was terminal, i'd volunteer... probably lots of animals first... think they must have some sort of a plan.


Alistair Macfarlane said...

We shoulda had this when Trudeau was around.Thawed him out around 2050......"Say Pierre,how d'ya like Canada now???"

Neo Conservative said...

"shoulda had this when Trudeau was around"

there's a few people i wouldn't mind putting on ice for a century or two as well.