13 May 2007

Meanwhile... back at the ranch

The never ending internecine slaughter continues...

-- Jerusalem -- The violence, punctuated by more than a dozen kidnappings throughout the day, highlighted the powerlessness of the Palestinian unity government to quell enduring hostilities.

Sunday's clashes came just days after Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas implemented a security plan aimed at restoring peace on the streets.
The Palestinians truly defy any sort of rhyme or reason.

If they're not busy threatening the lives of any available infidel, they're quite content to butcher each other.

In any contemporary Hell on Earth contest, the Pals will always be short-listed.

Think of it as the Sirhan Syndrome.


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-- Karachi, Pakistan -- Rival ethnic groups fought gun battles in this hub of economic growth Sunday, an ominous turn in a political crisis that started with the ouster of Pakistan's top judge. The death toll from a weekend of fighting rose to 41.

Funeral processions were accompanied by gunfights between ethnic Pashtuns and Urdu-speaking supporters of a pro-government party. Gunmen fired on ambulances, killing at least one driver, and the bullet-ridden bodies of some victims were found tied and blindfolded.

Knock it down and start over
Senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat described the violence, together with the abduction of BBC journalist Alan Johnston nine weeks ago, as "despicable scenes".

"I am ashamed as a Palestinian this morning to see the continuation of such chaos. If the government cannot deliver on this one authority, one gun, the rule of law, I believe there is no purpose to have a government," he told the BBC.

Since the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, the strip has seen a wave of infighting, armed robberies, deadly family feuds and kidnappings.

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