21 May 2007

At the feet of "The Master"

Dylan Avery wanted to be famous... and let's face it, playing fast and loose with the facts, like his hero Michael Moore... is one way to get an audience.

He sat down and started writing a FICTIONAL SCREENPLAY about he and his buddies finding out 9/11 was a government conspiracy.

Fictional. Sort of an The X-Files episode. Avery mentions this in every interview he does.
Of course, part way through the project, young Dylan realises he can present this as a documentary and really make a killing.
So he does the whole video like that.

He cuts sound bites in half, saving the part where a flight instructor says something like, "I met the hijacker and he was a bad pilot," and deleting the part where the same guy says, "but you don't exactly have to be fucking Chuck Yeager to crash a plane into a building."

Without that second part, it sounds like the guy is saying the hijacker couldn't have done the flying.

He has literally edited the words to make the guy say the opposite of what he said.
Another graduate of the Michael Moore School of Journalism.


The dumbing down of humankind...
Or... "Why they don't test automobile safety by crashing toy cars."

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dmorris said...

The wire mesh World Trade center was so bizarre, one would have HAD to assume it was a joke. Unfortunately, it turns out, the guy was sincere, incredibly stupid, but sincere.

Conspiracy theorists suffer a rather common mental illness, paranoia, exacerbated by being able to contact, via the internet, lots'n'lots of other loonies, who cheer them on. Sigh.ktzpqzaf

Neo Conservative said...

if it keeps these crazy as a shithouse mouse conspiracy theorists busy... making models in mom's basement -- instead of out in the real world setting fires, or being abducted by aliens -- i, for one, say, "dream on you lunatics".