22 May 2007

Maybe testing for virginity...

Shouldn't be their first priority here...

Having her virginity regularly tested makes South African Nsomawethu Tshobeni feel good. "At 31 I'm very proud to be a virgin, and when I attend the test regularly it gives me self-esteem as a woman," said the nurse who works in the coastal city of Durban.

A revival in the traditional practice among young Zulu women in South Africa is portrayed by supporters as the best way to stop unwanted pregnancies and the spread of HIV/Aids.

But opponents say the practice is sexist and outdated and can even increase the chances of Aids - given the widely held misconception that unprotected sex with a virgin is safe or can cure Aids.
How is it that you wouldn't know -- and more importantly, would have to "test regularly" to determine -- if you were still a virgin?

It's also notable that this woman is not some poor, illiterate soul in a shanty town, but a nurse in the city of Durban.

I'm thinkin' anyone who feels the need to do this... has already fallen short of a much more important benchmark.

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Wonder Woman said...

Seems to me, having your hymen poked and prodded once a year kinda disqualifies you as a virgin anyway...I'm only speaking from experience, of course ;)

Neo Conservative said...

keep in mind, we're talking about a country that still believes in bad juju and being able to go to the local shaman for love potions and fatal curses.


Concerned said...

It certainly is a diverse world. I suppose you could dream up almost any practice or belief and if you looked far enough you would find some culture or group that already actually practice it.

Neo Conservative said...

"Concerned said... It certainly is a diverse world."


this isn't about diversity... it's about mass psychosis.

i won't bore you with statistics... google the terms "south africa" & "murder"... i dare you.

there are any number of words to describe the surrealistic existence of the majority of people in south africa... and trust me, none of them are warm and fuzzy.

in particular the horrific stories of rape and murder defy imagination.

aids will decimate all of africa, in no small part because of the population's ignorance, superstition and refusal to face reality.

africa, in the main, refuses to leave the greedy, violent, tribal stone age existence of their forefathers... and they will continue to pay the price.

the greatest pity is... they have a choice.