29 May 2007

A little bit off the top

Of course... this is exactly what Hastings County has been missing...

Mystery and speculation surround an upcoming Front Street business that some say could be a topless hair salon.

Located at 384 Front St., Lil Off the Top has been advertising for hairstylists with open minds and "a sense of adventure," and little experience is required.

Belleville Police have heard the topless salon rumour and are investigating further. If the business includes nudity, it falls under the city's adult entertainment bylaw, which is administered by police, said city clerk Julie Oram.
One minor suggestion though... if they set up shop at the Belleville General Emergency Room, it'd give you something to do during the four hour wait to see a doctor.

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mark said...

Not a family friendly place to be sure but do not women have the right to go topless in public? Seems like an interesting business venture to me.

Neo Conservative said...

"mark said... do not women have the right to go topless in public?"

women now apparently have the right to get naked and grind their genitals into the laps of total strangers for cash money.

doesn't mean it's right... or, more to the point, something i'd want my daughter to be doing.

i guess you have different standards for your little girl.