22 May 2007

Are Palestinians forking crazy?

My father used to tell a story... I was a toddler and he was watching me amble across the living room with a piece of stainless steel cutlery in my mitt... not realising that I was steering for an electrical outlet.

He figured it out just a little too late... and despite leaping off the couch, had to settle for watching me get blown ass backwards across the dining room floor. No real damage, apart from a blown fuse and a scorched wall... but it could have been much worse.

That's what I thought of... when I read about those chuckleheads from Hamas launching missiles non-stop into Israel this week. They're a lot like totally clueless toddlers... and it makes you wanna grab them and smack their hands til they get the message.

I think that's how the Israeli government must feel right now...

We hope that a political process will prevail, because we don't want to be dragged into what Hamas wants us to be dragged into. But events will dictate.

If a Qassam rocket lands on an Israeli kindergarten, all bets are off."
The difference here is, unlike a small child... they must know they're playing with fire.

But they're gonna do it anyway... aren't they?


Let's ask American Muslims
The first nationwide survey of Muslim Americans revealed that more than a quarter of those younger than 30 say suicide bombings to defend Islam are justified...

"But the survey also found that only 40 percent of the overall American Muslim population would even admit that Arabs were behind 9/11.
Yup, feelin' much better now.

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Kateland, aka TZH said...

If an kassam lands on an Israeli kindergarten all bets are off...I seriously beg to differ. Kassams have already landed on Israeli schools in the middle of the school day - less than a week ago, and a toddler was already killed just outside his "gan" while his mother was walking him to school. His mother was so badly injured she was unable to attend his funeral. The 4 year old was not the only victim of that kassam attack last summer.

All of which is the reason why representatives of the Kadima government were run out by a mob of mourners at a funeral yesterday in Sderot. And the day before, when the Israeli foreign minister showed up in Sderot with a UN policy chief it caused a demonstration to turn into a riot.

Neo Conservative said...

kate... i've heard nothing about a dead child... can you point me to the coverage? the dead woman was all over the news... is that the funeral you were talking about?

there has already been immediate targeted counterfire against the guys with the launchers... which suggests the airforce is flying 24 hour patrols... as well as firing missiles and killing hamas figures to some effect.

short of launching another huge lebanon type of assault, which hamas is actually trying to provoke, i'd say they're doing what they can at the moment.