17 May 2007

CTV bends over so far...

You can actually see the bullshit...

Critics say a proposed Tory law that will stop immigrants from coming in on a stripper's visa solves a problem that largely no longer exists and may make things worse.
Good Lord, do you hear that... it isn't strip club owners exploiting women... it's that damn Stephen Harper.

After soliciting the totally unbiased opinions of one Fiberal and one Dipper member of Parliament, the crack CTV news team then brought out their big guns...
However, immigration lawyer Peter Rekai said: "I don't think it has anything to do, frankly, with the problem, but unfortunately it may create a problem."

Tim Lambrinos of the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada (that's newstalk for a shill for strip club owners) said: "All it's going to do is drive the demand to perhaps illegal enterprises and actually make it worse for the women are potentially here."
Now, if anyone can tell me what that actually means... I'd appreciate it.

Media-whore David Akin made sure to put in his two cents regarding the "perfectly legal" strip club business... thus making it unanimous that Stephen Harper is somehow actually exploiting foreign strippers in some as yet undefined way... by not allowing them into the country.


RELATED: Of course CTV has already contradicted itself.
A W-FIVE special investigation found it's business as usual for strip club owners and the women they bring into Canada.

Even more disturbing are the working conditions these women continue to face.

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Canadianna said...

They aren't 'strippers'. They are exotic disrobing engineers.

I'm sure these women are empowered by their freedom to earn money for the men who force them to do it.

Anonymous said...

Liberal voters should be happy that the Conservatives are not allowing foreign strippers into the country, their daughters will be able to demand higher wages as a result. Unless of course it's only the strip joint owners that vote Liberal...

Tony said...

Once again, the MSM is promoting the Liberal and NDP left-wing agenda instead of simply just reporting the news.

Anonymous said...

I have just posted about my own personal experience in this industry, and with the women who are exploited in this immigration scam. It is government-enabled white slavery...nothing less.

Neo Conservative said...

"Wonder Woman said... I have just posted about my own personal experience in this industry..."

Thanks for putting this out there... I've linked to it here.