29 May 2007

Well... that's a relief

No need to fret about whether there's any sort of racist element to the fraudulent, toxic Chinese products being exported to places like Panama and India... turns out the Chinese industrial juggernaut isn't just poisoning foreigners...

-- BEIJING, May 29 Reuters -- Families of Chinese patients killed by a fake medical ingredient maker linked to widespread deaths in Panama have sued the southern Chinese hospital that gave toxic injections, local media said on Tuesday.

The Qiqihar company used a fake syrup supplied by a manufacturer in the eastern province of Jiangsu -- the same supplier whose toxic ingredients killed at least 100 people and possibly many more in Panama, according to the New York Times.
I can't wait to see what other surprises these folks might have in store for us.

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Nathan Giesbrecht said...

China handed down the death penalty to the former director of the state Food and Drug Administration.

Neo Conservative said...

well nate... if they did the same thing with all the other industrial murderers in their society... it'd also go a ways towards addressing their overpopulation problem.

because it seems they're all doing it.


Nathan Giesbrecht said...

Ya, this poor schmuck is just the fall guy. But it's always nice to see a Commie-on-Commie death match. No matter who wins, they both lose.