27 May 2007

It's the criminals, stupid

Ask yourself... which Canadian political party is holding up "get tough on crime" legislation in the Senate, which mandated "mandatory minimum" sentences for use of firearms in a crime?

Canada has also had a handgun registry for more than 60 years.

All of these restrictions existed before Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government was elected in January 2006.

Since then the Tories have introduced a number of crime bills, including one that provides minimum sentences which get higher for repeat offenders for a number of firearms crimes.

It’s still before the House of Commons.
Friends don't let friends vote Liberal.

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NB Tory Lady said...

right on !!

langmann said...

If banning handguns worked then places in the US with carry and conceal would conversely have higher murder rates with handguns. So far no-one has been able to prove that the rates differ, and some studies state that the rates even decrease.

Liberals for some reason have lost their way. When they used to stand for libertarianism they now stand for people who don't deserve to be living in society. Hence they won't vote for actually locking up gun using criminals, instead they target quiet people like handgun owners who only use their weapons at ranges.

Anonymous said...

If drowning became the method of choice for murderers, then the ban handguns crowd would start calling for the banning of water. The only solution is to lay on severe ass kickings to those who use firearms for criminal purposes, as per the intent of PMSH.

Neo Conservative said...

maybe we should ask this guy.