26 May 2007

Cops identify shooter...

Refuse to talk about possible gang connection...

Toronto police have the name of a young man who they believe shot and killed 15-year-old Jordan Manners in the stairwell of his high school, CTV reported Friday, but they don't know his whereabouts.

Police would not comment on whether the shooting was connected with a spat between rival gangs, the Bloods and the Crips, that has taken hold of the area.

UPDATE: David Miller talking out his ass... again.
"The one piece we haven't been able to get at is getting the guns off the street," Miller said.
Whaddaya mean we, dickhead? You ever saw a gun, never mind a gangbanger... you'd curl up in a ball and crap yourself.
"And that requires federal action, requires them to close the loopholes that allow some people to own handguns, and it requires action to prevent guns coming across the border from the U.S."
Loopholes?!? You think banning legal ownership of a product will solve these black on black homicides?

Handguns have been restricted and required registration since the 1930's. To get a simple possession certificate for a .22 rifle to shoot coyotes on your farm, you now need written approval from your ex-wife on the application form!!!

The process to get a handgun is separate from that and requires a training period and approval from a gun club.
Miller said current laws make handgun ownership illegal, but provide loopholes for target shooters and gun collectors to legally own the firearms.
Again... total misinformation. Handguns are legal for anyone who can jump through the increasingly numerous and stringent hoops the government places in the way of ownership.

It's legal, provided you aren't a criminal, or a crazy. Gun owners and collectors are some of the most conservative, law and order oriented people on the planet.

Jordan Manners, or any of the other young black men killed in Toronto's "Summer of the Gun" were not killed by a legitimate gun owner.

You want to stop these murders, try profiling the shooters and increase the police presence in areas like the Jane-Finch corridor... because that works.

And stop lying to the public.

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Mark said...

Bang on, neo. I wrote similarly here yesterday.

What truly disturbs me is the proclivity of liberals to remove privileges from the law-abiding in response to criminal activity. In this case, McGuinty and Miller would take away the privilege of handgun ownership from legitimate gun owners because of black on black, gang-banger violence in Toronto.

It is totalitarian fascism run amok.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... we're on the same page.

if this was really about preventing unnecessary deaths... the fiberals would call for a ban alcohol and tobacco... but as long as the government generates huge tax revenue from these two deadly substances... it'll never happen.


Anonymous said...

Mayor Moron does not want to stop black kids from shooting each other, especially at school.

It is totally against his self interest - these shootings give a prime time media pulpit.