14 May 2007

Calling Stephane Dion...

How's that defending Taliban prisoners rights thing going?

You'll be glad to hear there's good news about Guantanamo...

-- WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- The Defense Department said three of those released from the prison for suspected militants resurfaced as senior Islamist fighters in Afghanistan while a fourth was later identified as having been a Taliban deputy defense minister.

The six were among 30 former detainees who the Pentagon said have rejoined the fight against U.S. and coalition forces since their release from Guantanamo. All told, about 390 detainees have been released or transferred from the prison.
Because it's all about doing the right thing... for the Taliban, mind you... just not our fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters who are serving in the military.
Pentagon officials said the detainees lied about their past by claiming to be farmers, truck drivers, cooks, small-scale merchants or low-level combatants -- assertions that were sometimes backed up by fellow inmates.
Hey, wait a minute... wasn't it a former serving Liberal Prime Minister who intervened with a foreign government to spring Papa Khadr from prison?

Yes, I believe it was.

So, just to be clear... Steffi isn't really a Taliban supporter, he's just extending a longstanding Liberal tradition.

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Calgary Junkie said...

It's no surprise that this detainee story fizzled. I think I'm on to how the Liberals pick which issues to pursue against Harper--they look south of the border for guidance !

George Bush suffered a lot of grief over the treatment of detainees in Abu Graib and Guantanamo so the Libs figure hey, maybe we can do the same to Harper over detainees in Afghanistan.

The other similarity is the Democrats didn't have a reasonable alternative to Guantanamo, just like the Libs don't have a reasonable alternative to what we can do with prisoners in Afghanistan.

Now fast forward to the election campaign. About all the Libs can say is that they were great at nit-picking everything Harper did.

Neo Conservative said...

all it's gonna take is one significant terrorist event on canadian soil... and steffi and his ilk will have to go into hiding.

and all the experts swear it's not a matter of "if..." it's a simple question of "when".