24 May 2007

The propaganda war begins...

Black activist and school board trustee Stephanie Payne, best known for her fight to keep the musical Showboat out of Toronto, has jumped into the latest shooting incident in northwest Toronto to defend the indefensible...

Payne said C.W. Jefferys is one of the safest schools in Toronto and parents realize it is a "very safe, compassionate school."
Geez, Steph, not to be a party-pooper or anything... but I've got the dead body of a 15 year old kid that says different.

It also raises the question of what has to happen at a Toronto school... for it to make Ms. Payne's "not so safe school" list... are we talkng grenades, flamethrowers... or what?

She continues to babble...
Ms. Payne told CBC there were still no leads or clues as to how the assailant got into the school with a gun.
Now, I realise I'm goin' out out a limb here, but I'm gonna guess he came in through the unlocked, unguarded front door... because despite the horrible statistics for gun violence in the immediate area and the pleas of parents for more security at the school... nothing was done.

Now remember... Stephanie Payne says this is a safe school... in a safe area... so just get off that black kids and gangs thing.


UPDATE: Curtain of silence

Once again, the black community closes ranks...
"It's quite common in these investigations that people do not come forward initially. That's why we feel it's necessary to ... ask people to do the right thing.

Be courageous, come forward and do the positive thing for your community."

UPDATE: More politically correct pablum

Apparently the McGuinty government thinks a hot lunch programme will make the Bloods and the Crips throw down their guns...

It sounds a lot like their "aboriginal surrender initiative."
Ontario's education minister suggested this generation of children lack a sense of belonging and direction.

"We have to make sure there are programs in our communities so kids have things to do and have opportunities," said Kathleen Wynne.
Things to do?

You mean besides shooting each other?

Well, Kathleen, call me a kneejerk neo-conservative... but I'm thinkin' maybe we don't disband the police forces just yet.


LAST WORD: McGuinty's fiberal flip-flop
Frankly, yesterday's open letter was a shocking piece of political opportunism.

To use the death of a child in a school to posture politically, when the Liberals' track record on gun violence has been to tell those of us who've worried about it that we're scare-mongering is appalling.

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Anonymous said...

Mayor Miller solved the gun crime problem by building basketball courts.

Canadianna said...

In my area, many kids self-identify as bloods and crips. It's just part of the everyday and it's scary.

This case appears not to have been gang related -- it looks like retaliation for a prank. I doubt a gun at any school is an isolated incident, so every time my older boy (grade 9) goes to school I worry. He's not into gangs or drugs, but he has a big mouth and no fear. If a firecracker blown off at the wrong person could result in this . . .

Neo Conservative said...

"Anonymous said... Mayor Miller solved the gun crime problem"

if david miller really wants to make me happy, while he's outlawing stuff... he could ban aging and traffic jams...


Neo Conservative said...

"Canadi-anna said... This case appears not to have been gang related "

gotta disagree here, i'm guessing in that neck of the woods... it's all gang related.

pretty safe bet the shooter wasn't on his way home from, say... synagogue. he had to hunt this kid down... the strip mall at sentinel and finch is a fair ways from the school.

it's why we moved out of the city... and we were in south rosedale.


Anonymous said...

Miller's dumber than dumb comment that it isn't a single-fatherhood issue because, hey, he grew up with out a dad, and he turned out ok should be nominated for some dumb award.

Hey, I grew up with both guns and alcoholics in my family. Despite easy access to both guns and booze, not once has anyone ever contemplated using a gun to "settle" an argument. Never. Fists, beer bottles and even on one occasion deer antlers, but never a gun.

So, using the Harvard-educated genius' own criteria, guns can't be a reason either...

Neo Conservative said...

maybe after miller drives toronto into bankruptcy with his tired old commie 101... people will wise up.


Anonymous said...

I think we can all look forward to 'same old - same old' responses to this problem. More money for social programs (a new vice principal and two new hall monitors at the Jeffries high school!), more talk about how guns kill people, etcetera etcetera.

Since the black community doesn't think gun violence is very important, based on all the moms not doing nothing when they find gun oil stains on their kids clothes, based on this communities legendary non-co-operation with the police, based on the blaming of registered gun owners for the use of non-registered guns by criminals. Given all that, those communities not affected directly by this, well, they do not care. They have learnt the wisdom of silence when dealing with the silent, anti-police taxspenders.

If some non-gangbanger community kid gets greased, then feces will hit the fan ... just like when Jane Creba got shot. But that will not happen, will it? We will have gun control and lots of hall monitors!

Jay Currie said...

And explain to me again how my kids are missing out on "socialization" by being home schooled...yikes they have no idea whether to self identify as a Blood or a Crip.

Neo Conservative said...

"jaycurrie said... And explain to me again how my kids are missing out"

well, when they raided the welfare house and arrested the one boy, they also seized 5500 dollars cash... apparently these children are preparing to go to the wharton school of business.