31 May 2007

Whitewashing murder

Like Toronto's "Summer of the Gun" in 2005, the murder of Jordan Manners is all about young black men killing young black men.... but nobody wants to acknowledge that.

There's the usual media beatification of everyone involved in this sad, sordid affair... who was gifted, who was sociable, blah, blah, blah.

And good grief, let's not assign any blame...

Lawyer Courtney Betty, acting for the family, said a coroner's inquest would get answers without laying blame and could help kickstart the changes needed in troubled neighbourhoods.
Well, lemme tell you Courtney, "root causes" didn't shoot a teenage kid in the chest that day.

Of course, that's not the emphasis here so far. Politicians demonise the gun... not the shooter.

Oh woe is us... if only we had security cameras... or basketball courts, or a hot lunch program, or...

To top it off, we're supposed to believe that a kid in Rosedale, or Bowmanville, or Cobourg is similarly at risk...
Greg Stokes, Jordan's uncle, said people in Toronto have to understand that every murder in the city affects everyone.

"It's not a black community, it's not a white community. Canada is a community as a whole," Stokes said.
Well... that's awfully nice sounding "politically correct pablum", but it's just not true.

It's a whitewash.


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"An Illinois gun-rights group says it plans to complain to the Catholic Church after a Chicago priest at the weekend appeared to call for the murder of a suburban gun shop owner."

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Jeff said...

what are you suggesting? it's a blacks only problem?

if so, what's your solution?

Neo Conservative said...

"jeff davidson said... what are you suggesting?"

jeffie... do you read newspapers, or watch tv? try taking a walk through the jane-finch war zone... which even cops won't do solo, if you dare.

even the black community, when they're not under the sway of cuddly dudley laws, acknowledges the magnitude of the problem here.

and the solutions are obvious... lose the welfare culture of dependency and victimhood, no more multiple kids by multiple absent fathers, stop glorifying gang violence and promoting hatred of authority.

pull you head out, buddy... and don't give me the reactionary racist b.s. the left so mindlessly uses as a cudgel.


Anonymous said...

Certain members of the black community and some politicians like Miller & McGuinty enjoy the attention a shooting brings, but most members of the black community don't get too upset about these shootings.

If this shooting didn't happen at a school and the kid was a couple of years older - it would have been a footnote in the newspaper.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... Miller & McGuinty enjoy the attention a shooting brings"

i wouldn't go so far as to say enjoy... although i imagine they are hugely relieved whenever the media aren't bearing down on toronto's impending bankruptcy... or the caledonia stand-off.

they use it, the same way a magician misdirects your attention when he pulls a rabbit out of a hat.

and you're right... if this wasn't a 15 year old kid... it would have lasted one news cycle.