25 May 2007

Canada should grow a pair...

And do the same with the terrorist Khadr gang...

Race hate preacher Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal, who influenced one of the 7 July bombers, has been deported from Britain, the home secretary said.

He left Gatwick for Jamaica at 1200 BST, accompanied by two police escorts and an immigration officer.

He was jailed in 2003 for soliciting the murder of Jews and Hindus. London bomber Germaine Lindsay was "strongly influenced" by him, John Reid said.

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k. smart said...

al-Faisal goes home to Jamaica?

Good news for Canada.

Jamaica is one of the countries very good at supplying gangbangers masquerading as refugees to Toronto.

al-Faisal will be a trophy-level refugee, as well as a wonderful addition to the newly-rich by defrauding taxpayers Arar/Khadr terrorist cabal.

Please seek refuge in Canada Mr. al-Faisal, you're just the kind of death cultist Canada needs!