21 May 2007

Who says Arabs are humourless?

Aljazeera's knee-slappin' cartoons.


Scott Walde said...

Okay. They're not funny. They're clearly political. But what's with the Christmas music in the flash anis?

Anonymous said...

They're about as funny & thought provoking as those lame-assed editorial cartoons in the Calgary Sun. Maybe the same simpleton that does editorial cartoons for the Calgary Sun e-mails to Al-Jazeera too.

It really wouldn't surprise me since being a canadian journalist he's an islamist cheerleader anyway.

Anonymous said...

There's no sense of humor because they can't laugh at themselves...that's one of the best things about human beings...the ability to laugh at ourselves.

However, you can't have a sense of grandiosity and a sense of humor at the same time.