31 May 2007

That explains a few things...

Hmmmm... the symptoms of chronic lead poisoning "include neurological problems, such as reduced IQ..."

Warning signs are being posted in the bathrooms of Ontario's Legislature warning staff and visitors the tap water isn't fit to drink.

Testing ordered by Speaker Mike Brown during the past couple of days has revealed tap water in the historic Legislative building is contaminated with lead.
Bravo for life's little ironies.


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But when Suzuki awakens Bob to the savings potential -- and the prospect of more beer money -- not only does Bob unplug the fridge -- he races through his house, pushes past his family members and proceeds to unplug every energy using device, even those in use.
No wonder they treat us like sheeple.

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Anonymous said...

It's all a Liberal plot so they can point and say,: "It's not our fault, the water made us do it." Very clever.