23 May 2007

All aboard that love train...

The best part is... you can let somebody else pay for your ticket...

Controversial immigration rules aimed at stopping sham marriages are unlawful, says the Court of Appeal. The rules applied to all such individuals, irrespective of the status of their partner.
So, what's at issue here?
Nobody knows the scale of sham marriages, although senior registrars suggested that before the new legislation there could have been at least 10,000 a year.

Registrars at Brent Council in north London, one of the most diverse areas of Britain, suggested in 2005 that a fifth of all marriages there were bogus, with officials able to spot couples who barely knew each other.
Good grief.

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Canadianna said...

Why do we have rules anyway?

Anonymous said...

Candadi-anna, I understand your frustration. My wife and I have talked about this sort of thing many times.

We've decided since the government keeps enacting nut-case laws and the courts keep striking down sane ones we will (whenever possible) only obey and observe those laws we support.

For example the SCOC *ALMOST* outlawed spanking a couple of years back. It's still legal but only by one justice's vote. If they ever make it illegal we will still use spanking as a punishment if its required (- f**K the law).

Another example: I want to buy a rifle. Every new government brings in more laws against guns. SO . . . f**K them. I'll just go buy an illegal gun and not ever register it. The government, the courts and the Starbucks LIberal assholes who think this crap up can shove it.

If they can catch me and make a case that sticks, hooray for them. But I don't think they can.

Neo Conservative said...

case in point, the 2 billion dollar farmer bob rifle registry...

the fiberal government of the day says... we sure as shit aren't gonna do anything about the ever increasing problem of murder and mayhem with illegal smuggled handguns in our heavily minority constituencies...

so instead, let's go after rifles owned by farmers and hunters... and say we're doing something about gun crime.

farmers and hunters in the main, say no way, fuck you and guns are driven underground.

no crimes are addressed, two billion dollars that could have gone to cancer research are flushed down the toilet and millions of perfectly legal gun owners are turned into criminals.


Anonymous said...

But, hold on! It makes a lot of asshole lawyers wealthy (like there are any *NON*asshole lawyers)and gives cushy civil service jobs to Liberal friends doesn't that account for something?

I was SERIOUS when I said I was simply going cherry pick which laws I respect and which I will deliberately ignore.

The ruling elite Liberals, pretend conservatives, judges, lawyers, journalists and media types keep pushing society farther and farther into a pussy-whipped, decadent looney land. When anyone objects they use the courts, media and panic legislation to ram their B.S. down evryone's throat.

So we can't change anything so the other choice is refusing to play along.

That means to hell with them. Whenever I choose and it's possible I will simply ignore those laws I don't feel like obeying. As I said before, if they can catch me and successfully charge me, good for them. But I don't think they can.

Anonymous said...

A bill of sale is all that's required for a legitimate marriage from many countries.

Western notions of romantic love don't apply, women are two legged cattle used by males for breeding.

We can't impose our values on these people, we must assimilate to their culture if they want to live here - if women are cattle, women are cattle - end of story.

Not even feminists argue with that, these cultures trump the rights of women because they're non-white cultures, so sexism is okay.