19 May 2007

War is Peace

The mainstream media just keep on announcing these serial cease-fire agreements... but the Pals are havin' way too much fun to comply.

It is the fifth such truce since violence broke out last Sunday. Since then about 50 people have died.
Maybe somebody should sit down with Curly, Larry and Mohammed and explain what cease-fire actually means.

Of course, you'd have to approach them with overwhelming armoured force to stand a chance of surviving the encounter...
After the ceasefire was announced, but before it came into effect, a convoy carrying a senior Fatah member came under fire.

Security sources said Mohammad al-Masri, President Mahmoud Abbas's intelligence chief in the Gaza Strip, was unhurt in the attack.
I give up... you might as well try to reason with a cat.


UPDATE: One man's cease-fire...

Is another man's pathological cruelty
In another sign of the shaky nature of the truce, several hostages from both factions were released only after their captors shot them in the legs, both sides said.

Bringing sunshine, wherever they go...
-- NAHR AL-BARED, Lebanon -- Lebanese troops battled al Qaeda-linked militants based in a Palestinian refugee camp on Sunday and 38 people were killed in Lebanon's bloodiest internal fighting since the 1975-90 civil war.

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