29 May 2007

Why all the fuss about XDR-TB now?

The talking heads at CTV are absolutely breathless and panicky tonight, but nobody gave a rats ass... when I was talking about it last year.


Anonymous said...

It's no big deal. If a Canadian gets sick because of this guy, they'll just have to deal with it. It's not the job of the Canadian government to protect Canadians from harm, the government prefers to treat victims - politically it's so much easier to do.

AIDS carriers are allowed into Canada to roam around freely. Canadians who have sex with them get paid for that sex by the government because they then fall into the 'victim of crime' category when they get AIDS.

It makes politicians and the people that vote for them all warm and fuzzy to be nice to a 'victim'.

And everyone lives happily ever after unless they don't.