26 May 2007

You want politically correct...

Go talk to Jack & Olivia and swan-necked Steffi... and not the actual "ass in the grass"... like Jack Hooper.

How does the Canadian spy service deal with countries that have a record of human rights abuses?

"Here's the deal. Everybody would like to believe that we have an array of choices that are good choices and bad choices. But we're going to a dance where every girl is ugly, okay," he said this week.

"They're all ugly. And all we can do is get the least ugly girl to dance with.
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UPDATE: Taliban Jack has a plan

He's calling it, "An Army of None."
Layton said his party is concerned about what he calls an "aggressive" counter-insurgency campaign being waged by Canadian forces.
So, if Taliban Jack Layton has his way... we'll just drop "aggressive" from our military bag of tricks? I guess we could save an awful lot of money... if we didn't buy any more of those "nasty" guns.

There's just one hitch here...

I'm not entirely convinced a "two out of three Scrabble match" is gonna get the job done.

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Anonymous said...

"I think many Canadians are asking themselves whether Mr. Harper hasn't lost track of the priorities of Canadians," said Layton.

What would those be,Jack?Could you expand on that?Myself,I find you like a Slinky.Not really useful but you would bring a big smile to my face if I pushed you down the stairs.

I liked the last lines of the Jack Hooper article:"My wife says I always need to have a fight," he explains as he hangs up the phone.

"It's not that. It's just about accountability," he says, taking off his glasses and smiling. "I really believe people have to be held accountable."

I have to fight tooth and nail every day to make sure my staff are accountable but my director is a mega lefty and he doesn't want to hurt anyones feelings.

*banging head on desk*