29 May 2007

Time to rethink Injustice system

House arrest AND community service!!!

Why, that's barbaric...

-- TORONTO -- Two Toronto men have both been handed two-year conditional sentences and two years of probation for a high-speed collision that killed a taxi driver.
Not so surprising though, for a judicial system that gives a 12 year sentence to someone who kidnaps, tortures, rapes and murders three Ontario children.

Next time it could be you, or your family.

Friends don't let friends vote Liberal.


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Thank you Jean Chretien.
Under the YCJA, adult sentences, even for murder, are to be applied "sparingly" according to the feds' own explanation of their legislation when it was passed.

Conceivably, then, a youth can be convicted of murder and remain anonymous because he doesn't receive an "adult" sentence.

The YCJA was sold to Canadians as being tougher on serious youth crime than the YOA.

This is nonsense. In many ways, it's worse.

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Anonymous said...

Despicable 'judges'.