21 May 2007

Death dealing kids...

Now just part of the big city landscape...

-- Toronto -- A wild shootout on the streets of Kensington Market early yesterday sprayed bullets down a residential street, tore holes through several cars and left a teenager near death.

"It's possible there was some kind of a gun battle that had taken place," Toronto Police Staff-Sgt. Tom Sharkey said.
Gee Sarge... ya really think so?

You've only got, what... handfuls of brass bullet casings and a kid with a sucking-chest wound... you sure you don't wanna wait for the forensics?

People who live in the area were quick to react...
"Not cool," said one area resident, who had strolled through the area just minutes before the gunfire broke out.
I guess firefights and dead bodies are the new normal in Toronto.


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-- Vancouver -- A 13-year-old boy is dead and a 14-year-old boy has been arrested for manslaughter after a late-afternoon brawl in an open lot at a busy intersection just outside downtown Vancouver.

The brawl late Saturday afternoon involved several teenagers of Asian descent from several schools in Vancouver and one in Surrey.
Hmmm... never had this sort of stuff going on when I was a kid in Scarborough and Don Mills.

What could possibly have changed since then?

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