25 May 2007

Third World corruption...

Is destroying whatever miniscule amount of credibility the United Nations has left.

On Wednesday, the BBC's Martin Plaut said he had found that the UN had begun an internal investigation in early 2006 into allegations that Pakistani peacekeeping troops had traded in gold and sold weapons to Congolese militia groups they were meant to disarm.

Witnesses said Pakistani officers had also supplied weapons to notorious militia commanders in return for gold.

However, a UN official connected with the inquiry told the BBC there seemed to have been a plan to bury its results, in order to avoid alienating Pakistan - the largest contributor of troops to the UN.

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Tony said...

The UN has very little creditability left. They should never allow such incidents to occur, especially from peacekeeping troops.

If the UN were really serious about its mission, they would have an inquiry and take the necessary steps needed to hold those involved accountable.