29 May 2007

The crazy, old man of Europe

Here's another reason why all the European countries run away and hide... when Turkey shows up at the EU playground...

Turkey's prime minister has said the US and Iraq should destroy bases of separatist Kurdish guerrillas in northern Iraq.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, said in a television interview: "We expect the United States and Iraq to destroy, scatter bases of terrorists there."

Turkey has recently debated the possibility of cross-border operations by its military in pursuit of Kurdish fighters.
Good thinkin' Recep... that'd sure calm things down.

Hey Turkey... get back in your cage... bad country!!!

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Darcy alla turca said...

I'm partial to macadamia, but you're just nuts. (Sorry. I couldn't help myself.) - Though the situation *is* a trifle more complicated than you make it appear.

Neo Conservative said...

in that part of the world, it's always more complicated than anyone can decipher.

but if you think that turkey invading the only part of iraq that isn't currently going up in flames will help out... then you'd be the one who's a little off-kilter.