23 May 2007

Please let this one be true

Word has it that Karla Homolka, her husband and new baby boy are looking to move to Jamaica and escape the media spotlight.
Not as satisfying as watching her swinging from the gallows, but...


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-- TORONTO, May 24 /CNW/ -- It's not clear how Karla Homolka spent her first Mother's Day. Falling as it did just nine days after her 37th birthday, it would have been the perfect occasion for a family celebration.


Anonymous said...

I think there is a vacancy at Anna Nicole's Summer house.
Maybe then a Jamacian posse will turn her out, which would fulfill all her fantasies.
Finish it off with a little "lead poisoning".

Anonymous said...

I forsee only one problem: while Canada has no difficulty opening its doors to some of Jamaica's less than savory elements, I'm sure that Jamaica will be less willing to extend an invitation to ours.