16 May 2007

Let's call it an "ammo break"

C'mon guys... if it doesn't last as long as say, dinner... it's not really a ceasefire.

-- GAZA -- The renewed violence quickly undermined Tuesday night's attempt to broker a ceasefire, the third such truce brokered since the violence first flared at the weekend.

Both previous agreements, which have been brokered with Egyptian assistance, lasted little more than a few hours.

The latest accord floundered almost immediately. An Egyptian diplomat was shot in the hand, reportedly as he walked along a Gaza street to test whether gunmen were sticking to the deal.
I just love the last paragraph here.

Gotta wonder if Egyptians use a similar technique for testing driver compliance with traffic lights.


UPDATE: Allah apparently has a sense of humour
Hamas gunmen ambushed a jeep and mistakenly killed five fighters from their own side detained by Fatah men.

LAST WORD: Hamas: Everyone’s making us kill each other

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