23 May 2007

Mass murder

The price of Canadian political correctness...

-- Ottawa -- Government officials delayed the process for obtaining a wiretap warrant against the key figure in the Air India bomb plot because of religious concerns, a former intelligence officer told a commission of inquiry Tuesday.

It took five months from the time CSIS initiated the process for a Federal Court to approve the wiretap warrant on Mr. Parmar, a frustrating delay, Mr. Gartshore said.

By comparison, an emergency warrant to intercept communications of another target from Western Europe in a separate case took only two days.
And it's a double shot of "progressive PC goodness" because the Germans let him slide too...
Mr. Parmar, who was wanted on murder charges in India, had been detained by German authorities during European travels in early 1984, but was released because the Germans feared he would be subjected to human-rights abuses if deported to India, Mr. Gartshore said.
It's called the "war on terror" for a reason.

Let's get serious.

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