01 June 2011

So lemme get this straight...

...outrageous salary... gold-plated pension after what, six years... and, on top of that... we also cover all their expenses...

"In total, taxpayers spent $31.1 million on MPP expenses."
Funny how there always seems to be enough money to pay for our politician's wish list. And remember... that's just the provincial trough.

Meanwhile back in the real world...
"The credit bureau's analysis found that total debt per consumer, excluding mortgages, grew to $25,597 in the first quarter of 2011, up from $24,497 in the same quarter of 2010."
Just something to think about... the next time you're sitting waiting six hours to see a doctor at your local hospital emergency room.


Anonymous said...

it's telling you only mention to provincial government. Why, because they're liberal?

I seem to recall a few politicians who spoke out against such gold plated pensions.

The same party that seemed to have forgotten completely about this, the same one who promised senate reform, only to use the plum patronage appts to their advantage themselves, and propose the real changes, likely after they've had their chance at the trough.

Always a party that gets a bunch of loud mouths shrieking the other ones are crooks. Only to discover the trough themselves and gorge themselves even more than the last.

The only thing stable about any majority government, is a guaranteed 4 years of unfettered access to all our money.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... a few politicians who spoke out against such gold plated pensions"

you care to share that info?


Anonymous said...

uh, Preston Manning ring any bells?

This is where the Harper government came from. But as they grew, shed some skins, changed their names, they also shed some policies that made sense.

I've heard a lot of tough talk, and certainly enough on how "the other guys" are crooks, but now we're seeing Harper and co, discovering the trough themselves!

I have to ask, why haven't they addressed these ridiculous abuses of our tax money they call pensions? You make posts about it, and insinuate that somehow this is a liberal thing, but your pals in Ottawa are no better at all!

Well I'm not surprised at all. Perhaps they'll address it later when they're at the end of their run, and it'll take effect well after they've all collected their pot of gold and faded off into the distance.

Neo Conservative said...

oh, nonny... now you're suddenly cheer-leading for preston manning?

i love it.

how many whiskies you figure it'll take... to get that taste outta your itching, burning troll mouth?