15 June 2011

I just can't help thinkin'...

...she needs a bodyguard... like a fish needs a bicycle...

"Mr. Young implored the court to use simple logic in viewing a bizarre, incoherent legal regime." --
i get the masochistic part of it nowSpeaking of bizarre... I'm still trying to get my head around the sort of freak who drops a week's salary to get naked & handcuffed under the stern tutelage of Ms. Bedford and her ilk.

We're really gonna enshrine that in the Constitution?



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...don't have drug-fueled sex with strangers...
She doesn’t think she will be able to see this constitutional challenge all the way through to its inevitable argument in Ottawa. Just 51, Bedford contracted hepatitis C as a sex trade worker and it’s slowly killing her.
Hmmm... did Ms Bedford notify her clients of her extremely communicable, life-threatening illness before she started whippin' their naked patooties?

Two words... Johnson Aziga.


The Rat said...

Not enshrine in the constitution, just let people who choose to do this kind of thing, which is not presently illegal, do it safely. Either make it illegal or remove the restrictions that make it less safe. I doubt anyone will argue it can be made wholly safe, but government should not impose arbitrary regulations that purposefully make it more dangerous.

As for whether you can ever get your head around it, that's irrelevant. I don't understand a lot of people's recreational activities but I figure if two consenting adults want to do it (with some reservations), well, it's none of my business.

dmorris said...

I knew a young lady who worked as a dominatrix,this was back in the '90's. She charged $200 an hour,and didn't have sex with her clients,which was made clear before they signed on for the "treatment".

She had some hilarious tales,such as one well dressed Englishman who had her dress up as an old fashioned schoolmarm, pull his trousers down, bend him over a chair,and spank the hell out of him with a paddle.

He was so grateful,especially if she hit extra hard,he'd tip her 20 or 40 bucks!

Different strokes,in this case,literally.

Neo Conservative said...

"the rat says... if two consenting adults want to do it (with some reservations), well, it's none of my business."

yeah, call me fussy ratty... but the thought of someone pimping out drug-addled women just makes me feel sick.

legalising all the activity around hooking ain't gonna do away with the predators... think liquor regs and booze cans.

as far as i'm concerned, if your daughter is blowin' smelly strangers to get her next hit on the pipe... you have failed miserably as a parent.

and please, don't try hold up ms bedford (who looks suspiciously like james brown in drag) as a shining example of what women should aspire to be.


Anonymous said...

but there'll way waaaay less booze cans neo.No, it doesn't eliminate them 100%, and that's life. you go with the best you can get.

You don't seem to grasp this point. It's really very simple.

Neo Conservative said...

oh, nonny... maybe, just maybe... endorsing sexual slavery isn't the best that we can do.


Anonymous said...

Just a small point here - a constitutional challenge is not the same thing as amending the constitution. To 'enshrine' something into the constitution is going to take an act of parliament and the agreement among all provinces. Its also very hard to do - the failed 'Meech Lake Accord' is an example.

A constitutional challenge is one where the applicant is saying that a law enacted by the government (provincial or federal) is beyond their powers set out in the constitution. This happens all the time with varying degrees of success - the successful challenges to Mr. McGuinty's little 'GTA War Measures Act' during the G20 is a classic example.