16 June 2011

I guess he's just not "special" enough

We'll unquestioningly accept and subsidise thousands of unqualified queue-jumpers who pay criminal organisations to smuggle them across our borders... and reject the family of a tenured professor at the University of Toronto? --
not special enough, apparentlyFunny how that works, huh?


Anonymous said...

Olivia Chow has endorse the " No one is illegal" group that aids and abets smuggling US Soldiers into canada as "Refugees" and then coaches them how to assure a stay by having Canadian babies.
In fact, Olivia defended a female Soldier that had a baby here because it would be cruel to deport the Mother and rip the child from their Homeland,BUT.....the U.S. Soldier aided in smuggling in her Husband to 2 American children ripped away from THEIR homeland,schools,grand parents,and friends.

Some people might think that Olivia puts a lower value on American children that get ripped away from the same Homeland as the American's new baby born on Canadian soil.
The 1984 SCOC Charter ruling gave "Tourists" the status of a Protected Minority under the Charter Of Rights because Trudeau designed it to read that all "PERSONS" are equal, not that all Citizens or Legal residents.
So today we have a annual bill of about $700'000'000.00 to house and feed Tourists that are coached to make a "Refugee" claim to get all the Socials services afforded to Citizens.
But don't worry, Refugees don't have the Right to Vote as yet , but Chow and David Miller did crusade for non-citizens to be able to Elect the Mayor.