03 May 2011

Meet the brand new Dear Leader...

...of the Official Opposition...
shake his hand, i dare you

My big old Webster’s dictionary, 1966 version, defines smear this way: “To vilify or blacken the reputation by applying a debasing or odious epithet.” There’s nothing in the definition that says the smear must also be untrue.

While it’s presumably possible to wander by mistake into a seedy little joint with a blaring red sign looking for a normal massage, it seems unlikely, especially for a sophisticated urban-dweller like Mr. Layton.

What it says about one of the most trusted political figures in the country is consistent with a thread of hypocrisy which has run through his political life.
Hypocrisy... greed... deceit... oh Christie, say it isn't so.
As self-styled defenders of the oppressed and marginalized, Mr. Layton and Ms. Chow, then earning about $120,000 a year between them, nonetheless for years lived in a government-subsidized three-bedroom co-op apartment where they paid alleged “market” rent of $800 a month.

As the perennial booster of public health care, Mr. Layton nonetheless once had hernia surgery at a private facility north of Toronto.

And as a staunch feminist who, as a councillor, once advocated a ban on touching during lap dancing, he was found naked in a room at the Velvet Touch.
Canada's very own "Slick Willie Clinton"... all that's missing is the cigar.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if Canada had a National Enquire they would investigate Layton's lifestyle

Neo Conservative said...

"anon whinges... if Canada had a National Enquire(sic)"

i guess you don't think child prostitution (which is what project cobra was investigating) is a serious, or relevant issue, nonny?

bet you'd think differently if it had been michael ignatieff or stephen harper who'd been found butt-nekkid in a sleazy downtown brothel.

remember all the non-stop msm yipyap about maxime bernier's busty girlfriend?

you actually believe jacko is entitled to a complete pass here?

and nonny... that's not a rhetorical question.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't make myself clear. I want the MSM to investigate Layton's late night activites but I know that it will never happen here.I referenced the Nat. Enquire to make the point that they outted John Edwards

Anonymous said...

Jack and Olivia must be excited about getting back into subsidized housing. Is the rent at Stornaway cheaper than $800 per month?

fernstalbert said...

Will Elections Canada investigate? Every nomination paper should be throughly examined and the those that signed - contacted. I smell a Royal Commission. Cheers.

Neo Conservative said...

"fernstalbert says... every nomination paper should be throughly examined"


but jack and the ndp are already spinning this thing as petty & unimportant.

my advice... write your mp and demand an investigation.