03 May 2011

Meet the brand new Dear Leader...

...of the Official Opposition...
shake his hand, i dare you
My big old Webster’s dictionary, 1966 version, defines smear this way: “To vilify or blacken the reputation by applying a debasing or odious epithet.” There’s nothing in the definition that says the smear must also be untrue.

While it’s presumably possible to wander by mistake into a seedy little joint with a blaring red sign looking for a normal massage, it seems unlikely, especially for a sophisticated urban-dweller like Mr. Layton.

What it says about one of the most trusted political figures in the country is consistent with a thread of hypocrisy which has run through his political life.
Hypocrisy... greed... deceit... oh Christie, say it isn't so.
As self-styled defenders of the oppressed and marginalized, Mr. Layton and Ms. Chow, then earning about $120,000 a year between them, nonetheless for years lived in a government-subsidized three-bedroom co-op apartment where they paid alleged “market” rent of $800 a month.

As the perennial booster of public health care, Mr. Layton nonetheless once had hernia surgery at a private facility north of Toronto.

And as a staunch feminist who, as a councillor, once advocated a ban on touching during lap dancing, he was found naked in a room at the Velvet Touch.
Canada's very own "Slick Willie Clinton"... all that's missing is the cigar.