14 June 2011

Those uptight, anti-business Conservatives

That lil' glass pipe don't fill itself for nuthin, ya know...

beat me, whip me, make me write hot chequesHey... I wanna make a livin' blowin' unwashed strangers in dirty back alleys... what's it to you?



more nonnysenseDear Nonny...

Thank you, once again, for your daily dozen little rants. Not sure, though, that I get your drift here.

You forgot to explain exactly... how making "Pimp" a legitimate occupation will enhance the lives of either drug-addled prostitutes... or the larger field of folk.

I know the Globe article refers to these men as either "drivers" or "bodyguards"... but one only has to take a drive through Toronto's many hooker strolls to realise that the women in question are less enterprising businesswomen than pathetic sexual slaves.

As for the 60% of Canadian voters who swing left... I, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto... and soon to be Ontario Premier Tim Hudak thank you all for your participation in the political process.

In closing, I reiterate my offer to publish your obviously very personal beef with me... you know, the undisclosed offense I apparently have committed... that causes you to constantly return here to spew invective at myself & my family.

They say confession is good for the soul.

I invite you, once again, to get it all out there and get some closure before you end up blowing a blood vessel and stroking out.

Regards... Neo


Norm said...

I shake my head in disbelief at Canadians who assume if prostitution is legalized all will be sweetness & light. Places such as Germany, Netherlands etc with legalized brothels STILL largely have sleazeballs running the joints. It is still largely pathetic, emotionally mixed up women working the trade.
One need look no further than the "adult entertainment" business (strippers, pornographers) to conclude the legality may take out some of the violence and rougher aspects of the trade but there is so much in the business that there will still be plenty remaining.0

Neo Conservative said...

"norm says... if prostitution is legalized all will be sweetness & light."

but it's almost always the so-called progressives who want to legitimise pimping & the flow of drugs.

why exactly is that?

i mean, the leader of the official opposition was found naked in a whorehouse during a sweep for underaged asian hookers... and nobody apparently gives a damn.

i don't get it.


Neo Conservative said...

update: i guess my buddy nonny wasn't finished... let me give you the readers digest version...


"how fucking brainless... same brainless fucktard... your genius pal Norm... a moron, an idiot..."

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thank you, once again, comment moderation.

oh, nonny... you angry little misfit... you do all the work for me.