18 June 2011

90 year-old Yorkshire grandfather...

...decides to relive World War II glory days...

A search of the car -- not revealed until Thursday -- turned up a Sten MK II machine gun and two high-capacity extended magazine clips.

The Sten MK II, a submachine gun with a 30-round magazine, was the weapon of choice for British troops during the war.
I knew it... it was only a matter of time before one of these crazed veterans... hang on a sec...
Carlton Stewart, of Welland, faces multiple charges, including possession of a prohibited firearm and carrying a firearm in a careless manner.

Steward, 31, was a key witness in the April 2003 fatal shooting at the Scots Corner pub in London.

He was in the basement when Olutobi Johnson, 26, got into a gunfight with 32-year-old Michael Allen in the downstairs men's bathroom of the Dundas St. pub.
Okay... same old, folks... move along... nothing to see here.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't these pinheads mess their drawers if they realized that the ACTUAL "weapon of choice for British (and Canadian, and other Commonwealth) troops during the war" was the lee-Enfield rifle, probably the single most Common hunting rifle in Canada? The only reason FAs were prohibited in this country in 1975 is because of Trudeau and his flunky Basford, who couldn't point to even one incident of a legal FA being used in a crime here. Despite that, they stole a freedom from us that Canadians had enjoyed for more than three-quarters of a century (no differently than Chretien and Rock did with their 25/32/105mm ban) for purely political reasons. Did it stop violent criminals from being able to get whatever they want? No. Did it stop safe and responsible gunowners from being to enjoy a safe and responsible activity? Hell yes.

Neo Conservative said...

my favourite part in this idiotic reportage... is the "high-capacity extended magazine clips".

the sten, like submachineguns of this vintage came with one variant of clip... or magazine... which is the same thing.

it's like saying "shoe slipper".

the world truly has too many journalists.


Barry Prudom said...

Curious how none of the media outlets have included a photo of Carlton Stewart.