06 June 2011

Cars do not crush people...

...pencils don't write poetry...do the mathI just don't get it... the implication here is that society... Canadian society... is somehow responsible for these deaths... instead of, you know... the sociopaths who slammed home the knife or fired the fatal shots.

"Through the prism of murder rates per 100,000 people, the disparity is even more striking: A person living in Toronto public housing during those three years was four to five times more likely to be a homicide victim than someone living anywhere else in the Greater Toronto Area."
It seems that J-School 101 also dictates that we learn endearing personal tidbits about the deceased. Reporters relentlessly pursue grief-stricken relatives for that tearful soundbite. And in the end, it's never enough that a life was lost... there also has to be lots of smarmy Oprah-esque subtext, dumping... not on the perpetrators... but on the rest of us.

Apparently, it's necessary to turn murder into "lessons learned"... providing, of course, you never actually point out that these "publicly subsidised" communities are self-perpetuating breeding grounds for violence & misery.

Maybe all the Lois Lane wannabes should save the politically-correct social commentary and bear down on the increasing prevalence of predatory "community-based" gangs who are tearing a swath of terror through the hood. Most of the crime reporting I read nowadays doesn't even give you a description of the perpetrators. It's more gossip than anything remotely resembling news.

You wanna provide your readers with some socially significant commentary, how about you tell us the percentage of shooters that originate in these "special" communities.

Maybe if people could see the outrageous percentage of killers that come from the hood... they'd be less likely to support two billion dollar lunatic left initiatives that target farmers, duck hunters & target shooters.


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prairie dog said...

You can say that again Neo! "Youths" always getting led astray due to living with the social pressures imposed on them by "the man". A big group hug should fix this mess, oh and more faux concern helps everyone else feel better too...ahh it's working for me already ;)

Neo Conservative said...

i want the media to tell me how many of the shooters are second & third generation residents of the hood.

when exactly, did welfare become a legitimate alternative to working for a living?


max said...

Neo, the problem is that you don't grasp the true meaning of social justice. Carleton sociology professor Hassan Diab could clarify things for you, I'm sure.

Neo Conservative said...

ah, yes... poor ol' hassan... another victim of systemic racism in canada.

thx for the link.


dmorris said...

"in the courtyard of the battered, low-rise public housing complex"

See,the problem is they all live in "battered" housing,not nice,new,spiffy digs a homey could be proud of.

I don't know how the housing got battered,but I suspect White racists roam about at night with clubs battering the walls of the homes in which these poor folks live.

Frances said...

Neo - they're telling us the rate of shootees in public housing; how about a similar statistic for shooters?

Neo Conservative said...

frances... you're preaching to the choir... see @9:59 above.

i guess our media pals don't want to be seen picking on the poor lads that our racist society has obviously driven over the edge of acceptable behaviour.