03 June 2011

Toronto's Regent Park...

...everything you've come to expect.. and less...

-- TORONTO -- “He displayed the values we taught him, honesty, integrity, charity and kindness. He respected everyone,” James’ mom bellowed in court. --
Hey, Moms... I'm just thinkin' that whole "proceeds of crime" thing... for some of us, anyway... might take some of the sheen off that halo.

No, no, you're right... what was I thinking? Forgive me my moment of madness. I mean, who wouldn't love this guy?

community standards
"James was highly respected in the community because he purchased walkers for the elderly, bought groceries for the poor and refused to sell drugs to children."
Damn, talk about standards.

You figure that's why that 16 year-old trigger-puller decided to change Mr James horoscope?

I guess maybe "the community" has a different definition of "children" than the rest of us... not to mention that "honesty & integrity" thing. They also seem to have gotten past all that silly dithering about capital punishment.

You've just gotta love how the MSM has decided to paper this thing over by peddling this whole Robin Hood myth. Trouble is... it's not going over all that well in the comments on this article.

Call me a dinosaur, but I remember when the words "honesty & integrity" were used to describe "law-abiding" citizens... and not dope-dealing parasites... however charismatic they might be.


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...instead of, you know, Lord of the Flies...
"It would seem pretty obvious to me what's happened here. The original report contained a typo wherein they described his career as one selling DRUGS when what they really meant was that he sold HUGS!"