06 June 2011

Hey, once upon a time... they used to...

...deliver milk right to your house...

Oh, the mail should still be delivered, through rain, snow, sleet and hail, but not to the mailbox hanging on your house. Bring on the once-dreaded, and, really, still despised SuperMailbox.

Most Canadians I hear from will be onside after hearing the posties were rejecting wages that would have risen to $26 an hour at the top end, a coveted defined benefit plan — that’s $3.2 billion in the hole, by the way — and up to seven weeks of vacation.

So, on strike they go.


Anonymous said...

We have a supermailbox. Am I the only person in Canada who thinks it's absurd to have a dual delivery system: people with houses built before the late 80s get door to door; everyone else walks (I live in a town of 7000, and everyone walks)? Why don't they just phase out home delivery altogether, and as the posties retire, build super boxes everywhere?

Don said...


Or they could have a general delivery system at the nearest postal outlet... like they used to.

Dave Hodson said...

I've never understood the opposition to the Super Mailbox. When I come home from work at the end of the day, I take a quick walk about 50 yards over to the mailbox across the street to pick up my junk mail--no big deal--the exercise probably does me good. You can even mail outgoing letters there too (at least there's a slot for them, but I really can't remember the last time I actually mailed something). Compared to other activities around the house that we're expected to do (clear the snow, cut the grass, etc) picking up mail seems a rather easy task.

If someone really wants door-to-door delivery, then let them pay a yearly surcharge for the service.

Other than junk mail, there seems to be less and less arriving by snail mail these days. My municipality is a little behind the times in technology, since my property tax and water bill still come by Canada Post. Other than that, every other service I subscribe to bills me electronically.

Neo Conservative said...

"dave says... a quick walk about 50 yards over to the mailbox across the street"

gotta laugh... my driveway out here in the sticks is over 200 meters long.

i agree... phase it out... why should some people get door to door and not others?

and, as people point out, in this day and age there are alternatives.


Frances said...

There's always been inequity in mail delivery. Where I grew up, one had to go to the local post office for either general delivery (free but only during office hours and often a line-up) or a post box (better hours but a yearly cost). The town a few miles away had free door-to-door delivery.

In the really old days, even city apartments had door-to-door delivery.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... always been inequity in mail delivery"

but we can fix that... right?


Frances said...

Obviously not going to happen, Neo. However, think super mail boxes in rural areas. Once upon a time, rural mail delivery meant a postie drove down your road and dropped your mail into your box at the end of the road. No more. Now there are clusters of mail boxes at odd and distant points, and everyone gets to drive to pick up their mail. Except you still see the odd mail box along the road. Rumour has it that the posties still deliver, but only to the residences that were there before the switch to group boxes.

Paul said...

@Anonymous, I have driven by a super mailbox on two occasions that was busted open and had police tape around it. The second time, the cops were still there, talking to the contract postie that had obviously discovered the theft when arriving to load it up.

How many credit card bills with nice juicy credit card numbers and other similar stuff is likely in a supermailbox on a given day?

I also buy a lot of guns, so I get a lot of RCMP envelopes. I don't like the idea of my new reg cert complete with address to fall into the hands of a mail thief. "Hmmmm, Paul has just bought a new handgun, here is his address, I wonder how many other handguns he has at home?"

I pay for a private mail drop (UPS store, formerly mailboxes etc) and worth every penny to me.