03 June 2011

They screw up delivering mail...

...and that's got your name & address on it... you really want the local postie wiping grannie's butt?

-- OTTAWA -- If the Canadian Union of Postal Workers had its way, letter carriers would add social work and library duties to their responsibilities.
I dunno how it worked where you lived, but in the small Ontario town I grew up in... the Post Office was where all the high school stoner burnouts ended up after they packed in grade 10.
The union fears Canada Post will eliminate 7,000 jobs by contracting out services and putting in new mail processing machines that are more accurate and work faster.
Accurate & faster... yeah, we sure as shit don't want any of that.


Sixth Estate said...

It sounds to me like the union is desperate that the decline in physical mail is eventually going to result in a decline in mail jobs and they're grasping at straws to try and save them.

Not that they're bad ideas for the elderly, but it's probably worth asking why we would need a legal mail monopoly to do it.

Neo Conservative said...

i love how the union holds up the italian postal service as an example of their possible future.

mrs neo tells me that a huge number of people on ebay refuse to deal with italian sellers... simply because of the infamously unreliable italian postal service.

as for assisting the elderly, i think i'll stick with trained personal care people... rather than bongload bernie, whose only career qualification is that he can read english at a grade school level and put one foot in front of the other.


fernstalbert said...

I live in a medium sized Alberta city and the only postal worker I see is at Shoppers Drug Mart. We have mail delivered to a superbox at the corner. This is the future. Door to door service is reduntant and expensive. cheers.

Rick said...

LOL, actually I like your blog and often read it as I too am a Conservative...But where we differ is yup, I work for Canada Post...I am a Conservative, a Party member and financial supporter and was happy when we finally won our Majority.
Now I've only got a few words for you...If you want to retain any cred with your blog then you really should research the Canada Post CUPW issue and get your facts right...If you just want to be a hack and criticize the union because you are taking a Conservative line then that shows how narrow you are in your views..As a union worker in CUPW and an employee of Canada Post I can see both sides...I've worked in Management in business before this little career I now have....I've always tried to listen to both sides of an issue...
I could enlighten you on some of the issues however I won't because I don't feel like taking up too much of my time...However it is your blog and if you can't get it right then it leaves the rest of what you say especially about TO and law and order to be suspect...So the reader is left with BS and no facts and biased opinion no better than the lamestream media...
Get some facts and let's see if you can do better...So far I give you a D...

Anonymous said...

With all the sick time these guys can bank can you imagine relying on them to wipe granny's butt? Someone would probably have to check up on THEM and wipe their arse

Neo Conservative said...

"postie rick says... If you want to retain any cred with your blog then you really should research the Canada Post CUPW issue"

yeah, rick... that's the very definition of blog cred... i'll get right on that.


Frances said...

Neo - at one point there was a program in place where the posties would report if they found a home where the mail was piling up. Of course, that depended upon said postie knowing his or her route well enough to be able to worry about the vulnerable living there.

Many years ago, I worked a summer in the local post office. There was no mail delivery in our town, so everyone came to pick up their mail, either through General Delivery (free but restricted hours) or by using a box. The regular workers knew everyone in town and - I am certain - would have called in authority had mail piled up for someone without reason. But, it being a small town, the neighbours also kept tabs on each other. Still, the backup was there.

FREE said...

I hope they strike til the cows come home.

I have not used Canada Post for over 3 decades.

If I need something delivered I call Fedex or a local courier, otherwise the INTERNET has all the communication access I need, its called email.

As for unions (now I have to wash my mouth out because of the foul taste that word leaves) government employees being unionized is a crime against every taxpayer in the country.

Neo Conservative said...

"free says... I have not used Canada Post for over 3 decades."

we have to mail something overseas... so we're off to the ups store tomorrow.

the union just can't seem to see that it doesn't take any sort of unique qualifications to deliver items from point a to point b.

the free market will decide this one.