19 June 2011

Somewhere, Emmett Leo Kelly is smiling

Live by the Clown... die by the Clown...

At 10:10 p.m. after the event ended, the officer went to his car and a teen approached him, asking him for money, authorities said. When the officer said he had no money, the teen pulled a gun on him, authorities said.

During a struggle with the teen, the officer grabbed hold of the gun, opened fire and killed him.
These predators fear neither the police... nor the justice system... perhaps they should be taught to fear their victims.


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"In Vancouver, the police begged for help and were ignored by the pot-smoking, nirvana-loving, socks and sandals set running the city. It’s beyond pathetic."


Patsplace said...

Thanks for that. Nice way to start my Sunday, to hear of "Death by Clown". Just about as good as watching the mortar blow up while the operators chant muzzie crap.
Ah yes!! The world is a better place for it.

Neo Conservative said...

this dumbass obviously thought he had an easy score.

moral of the story... darwin was right.


Anonymous said...

Hey kids! It's Blammo the clown!

dmorris said...

It's nice when you post happy stories with a good ending ,neo.


Trivia question: what famous Chicago resident also dressed up as a clown and entertained children?

Neo Conservative said...

ok, i'll bite... who?


Lynn said...

John Wayne Gacy.

There's even a picture of him posing with Rosalynn Carter at a Democratic fund raising event.