20 June 2011

Beavember? Muffember? Vulvember?

worth a thousand words

"Stencils for suggested hair designs — soon be available for download on Julyna’s Facebook page — include the arrow, the Charlie Chaplin, the Barbara Bush, the Movember, the rising sun, the side part and the David Suzuki."
I can already imagine the water-cooler hijinks... "I'll sponsor you extra for a Suzuki, but hey... you have to prove it."


Rich (LMAO) said...

It's over....it's just flippin' OVER! LOL
Picture a young kid in 1960 asking his parents what the world would be like in the 2000's; my hunch is that few would have come up with this.

Neo Conservative said...

well, rich... who'da thunk we'd see a guy who was caught naked in a chinatown bordello... being the leader of the official opposition?

it's a brave new world, my friend.


Rich said...

Cue the flushing toilet sound effects.

Anonymous said...

When's the calendar coming out?

Alex said...

LOL the David Suzuki! -always thought the guys was a....... kook.

Neo Conservative said...

they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


Sarah Berry said...

#Muffember all the way. I'm doing Muffember to raise money for Ovarian Cancer action group.

Would really love to see your stencils... Can I use them in my Muffember quest? http://www.justgiving.com/muffember

Maybe I could run a poll to crowd source my muffember style?


Thanks ladies,

Sarah Berry

Neo Conservative said...

sarah... knock yourself out... none of this belongs to me... i'm just the messenger.